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Valentines 2013


  Jeff and Gloria Emmerich

     February 2 - 21, 2013

                                sby  Mr. Charles R. Rush)

Jeff and Gloria Emmerich will once again be taking their two-person
Valentine musical out to the churches in 2013! The Emmerichs love to share
their musicals at the Playhouse, but many churches are again expressing an
interest in the Emmerichs coming to them in person during the Valentines
season so they have decided to take their show "on the road again" in 2013.


The Greatest of These (is Love)
by Gloria Emmerich

     The Greatest of These (is Love) is Gloria Emmerich’s newest musical. Without love nothing else matters. Real love makes us better people. True love lets us forgive, speak the truth, behave, stop bragging, believe, and endure. These simple truths are imperative ingredients to a wholesome and fulfilling life. This musical helps people grasp the purpose of forgiveness and gently reminds us about the value of friendship, patience, faith, and hope. The Greatest of These is a reminder that true inner peace comes only when we let love abide in our hearts. The Apostle Paul said it best, “…and the greatest of these is love.”


Contact the Emmerichs for financial and booking details at: jeff@rockyhockplayhouse.com


At the bottom of this page you will find a letter we would like for you to read.


Jeff and Gloria Emmerich
(Through the years in the 70s, 80s, 90s - and now.)


Here are what folks are saying about their Valentines

experience with Jeff and Gloria Emmerich:

"Once again, another stellar performance by Jeff and Gloria!!  Though Together, Forever is geared for couples, the single guests (including divorced and widowed) did not feel left out.  It was a performance given in love, about love, and we were ALL touched by it. Can't wait until next year! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us - you are such a blessing!"
Sheryl Murden
Coleman Place Presbyterian Church
Norfolk, Virginia


"Your musical program Together, Forever in our Family Life Center for our Keen-Agers and guests was a most wonderful, love inspiring program. It exceeded our highest expectations.  The program kindled happy memories of loved ones.  We were all inspired with a new appreciation for the ones with whom we share our lives.  It was truly a program that will be cherished forever by those who attended."

Joyce McLawhorn, Chairperson

Keen-Agers, Ayden Christian Church
Ayden, NC


"I highly recommend Gloria and Jeff Emmerich to you for consideration of their On the Road production for Valentines.  Our people were more than entertained, they were inspired by the integrity and Christian witness of this talented couple.  And let me add that they were accommodating to our people who no longer have their spouses with them.  No one was left out as we all examined the significant relationships in our lives.  You can look forward to a total evening of enjoyment with them."

Ray Owens, Minister of Education & Outreach

Great Bridge Baptist Church,

Chesapeake, VA


"Jeff and Gloria's Together, Forever show was inspirational.  It truly brought tears to the eyes of the audience.  Everyone left feeling 'warm and fuzzy'.  This couple has many God given gifts and they’ve found such an inspirational way of sharing their talents."

Margaret Burchette

Gordon Street Christian Church

Kinston, NC


"The musical was well received by our members and guests.  Married or single, no one felt left out--it was well written by Gloria. We were more than entertained, we were inspired.  We can't wait to attend another play."

Helen Vinson

Rones Chapel UM Church

Mount Olive, NC 28365


"Thank you for an amazing time of ministry at New Life Church in Hampton, Virginia. The musical touched our hearts and spoke to the need for couples to renew their relationship with the Lord and each other.  Your professionalism and sensitivity in ministry impressed all in attendance. May God continue to bless you and the dramatic arts ministry at Rocky Hock."

Dr. Phil Lucas, Administrator
New Life Church
Hampton, VA


Recently Jeff and Gloria Emmerich of the Rocky Hock Playhouse presented Together, Forever.  This was a musical about relationships between people, especially husbands and wives.  It contained humor as well as some extremely poignant moments.  At the conclusion of the program, the married couples in the audience were asked to stand, face each other, and repeat their marriage vows.  In addition to being entertained by a couple with beautiful voices, we were reminded of our own vows and commitments to each other.  After experiencing our own joys, and perhaps confronting the more difficult times together, the vows were very heart-stirring and made us realized even more, the extent of the promises we made."
Sheila Hager
Winn's Baptist Church
Glen Allen, VA

"I would like to thank you for presenting Together, Forever at Calvary Baptist Church in Rocky Mount.  The program was a treat for all who attended.  The music was beautiful and the whole program was a wonderful affirmation of marriage.  Thanks for providing this opportunity to celebrate true love."
Kay McGregor
Calvary Baptist Church
Rocky Mount, NC



    Jeff and Gloria Emmerich have performed for Valentines services and banquets all over North Carolina and Virginia since 2005.  Here are some pictures taken while on tour:


First Baptist Norfolk, Norfolk, VA
(Photos by Mr. Charles R. Rush)



Please read the following letter if you are interested in having the Emmerichs in for Valentines 2013.


Dear Friends,

Gloria and I would like everyone to read this message who is interested in having us in to minister for their group or church. This letter is designed to help you in your decision regarding having us (the Emmerichs) come and present a musical program for Valentines 2013. Gloria and I are glad you are considering having us in to perform The Greatest of These (is Love) for your church. When corresponding with us, please use e-mail if at all possible. The best address for us is: jeff@rockyhockplayhouse.com. The more date choices you give us the better your chances are of securing a date. Please note that we are available for both lunch and dinner events as well as for morning or evening church services.

We know you are interested in financial arrangements and Gloria and I have a fairly flexible policy regarding church ministry. The theatre is a business and we must charge for tickets to make all the ends meet. However, church ministry is different and we want people to know we will work with them as much as possible. Our time is more limited now and we have to be somewhat selective regarding the invitations we can and cannot accept. Please write and tell us what your budget is for entertainment and we will determine if the amount warrants the effort with regard to travel time and distance, etc.

The income we receive while sharing our ministry in the various churches in February will be used to help support the ongoing expenses of our ministry. We are now transitioning into a new phase of ministry and will be sharing our musicals more and more with local churches in Virginia and North Carolina. We also travel to US military bases in Europe from time to time to minister in music and drama and are always raising money so that we can be a blessing to the American soldiers who lay their lives on the line for our freedom each and every day.

Things you need to know:
We are unable to supply a sound system when traveling for Valentines ministry and will need to use your equipment. The set-up is simple as we really only need two microphones, a monitor, and the ability to play a CD soundtrack. You will need to provide us with someone to operate the sound and in due time we will need to be in touch with that person to work out the details.

If you are interested in having us share our ministry with you please just write and propose a date. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends are the best days for availability. Keep in mind that we are not available on February 5, 9, or 12 due to performances at the Playhouse in Edenton.

We look forward to hearing from you. God bless.

Jeff and Gloria Emmerich

Again, anyone interested in having the Emmerichs in for ministry
should e-mail them directly regarding finances and date proposals


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Downloadable publicity materials for upcoming 
Valentines musical performances.

(Please set your printer to 8.5 x 14)

The Greatest of These (is Love)


(Size 11x17 posters)
The Greatest of These (is Love)


(Please set your printer to 8.5 x 11 landscape)
The Greatest of These (is Love)


The Greatest of These (is Love)